Liza Kitchell
music teacher / musician

music teacher

  • private piano instruction
  • community music center of boston
    — school outreach program


  • music for children
  • music for seniors
  • music for special occasions

wild tales

  • children's theater

Liza Kitchell is a music teacher/musician based in Somerville, MA. She works primarily with children.

Ms. Kitchell teaches piano privately at her home studio in Somerville. She is also a general music teacher in the Boston Public Schools through the School Outreach Program of the Community Music Center of Boston.

Ms. Kitchell performs sing-alongs for children and seniors that encourage participation and fun. She also can provide music for special occasions.

Her children's theater program, Wild Tales, explores urban nature through drama and music. It takes place yearly in the spring, and is free and open to children 6–13 years old.

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