2010 — Wild Tales Running Through My Back Yard

This play was about wild animals who live in our city. It featured a fox and a coyote who venture into the city only to discover that their home by the Mystic River is going to be turned into a factory.

The cast. Liza with the cast. The animal masks. Painting the owl mask. Mouse and chipmunk masks. Blue, the Great Blue Heron. Fox meets Coyote. Rabbit and the Fox Family. The puppet theater. Mystic Associates. Painting fish for the Mystic River. Work Day at the Growing Center.

Play Synopsis:

ACT I: Introduction
   Song #1: "Good-bye, Vikky"
   Music & words by Marisa and Kirsten

ACT II: The Animal Council
   Song #2: "In the Woods"
   Music & words by Liza
   Song #3: "Barne's Music"
   Music by Marisa
   Song #4: "Can I Help?"
   Music & words by Margaleet
   Song #5: "Animal Council Pledge Song"
   Music by Liza, words by Wildtails

ACT III: The Factory
   Song #6: "We Won!"
   Music by Marisa, words by Wildtails

ACT IV: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!
   Song #7: "2 R Better Than One"
   Music & words by Suzanne Clark    Song #8: "Happy Tails To You"
   Music & words by Dale Rogers

Wild Tales is funded by a grant from the Somerville Arts Council