2012 — When Fish Run: the Story of a Small Fry

This play was about the annual migration of the Alewife fish in the Mystic River. It featured two brave Alewife fish, Alberto and Beatriz, and their efforts to save the river from the Bass King and his evil gang.

Acting out the Mystic River's annual herring migration. We learned about two kinds of herring fish - the Blueback and Alewife. Lauren explains the Mystic River Watershed. We begin our outdoor exploration of the Mystic River ecosystem. Naturalist, Paula Jordan, helps us understand what we find outdoors. Observation is a key part of learning. We record what we see.... so we can remember it later. Time spent by the Mystic River will help us make a better play. Work on costumes begins. This actor will be an alewife herring. Liza and Kawsar work on the girls' costumes - the blueback herring. At the MyRWA's Annual Herring Run and Paddle, our two narrators introduce the play. The play's hero, Alberto, an alewife herring... ....and his friend, Beatriz, a blueback herring. Herring migration season has begun, but bad things are brewing.... in the kingdom of the Evil Bass King. Beatriz and the other bluebacks are worried their friend, Alberto, may have missed the migration. A kindly blue heron... tells Alberto about the Bass King's evil plans. How will the Blueback girls ever complete their migration after they are captured by the evil Bass King? The wise Lorax helps the herring banish the evil Bass King from the Mystic River, and they successfully complete their migration to the Upper Mystic Lakes.

Wild Tales is funded by a grant from the Somerville Arts Council