2013 — What Makes a City Grow? A Tale of Two Cities

This play was about the two worlds that inhabit a city — one man-made and the other natural — and how these two different worlds come together to protect their city from an evil developer.

Bismarck the Bee, editor of The Buzz Agatha Ant, head of the DPW Cara the Cardinal, postmistress general Dorothy Dorothy and Toto Cousins The Flowers: Princess Pea and Queen Daffodil Friends Beatriz the Blueback, superintendent of schools Mr. Krabbs and Somerville Mayor, Ms. Glenda The cast performing at the Farmer's Market in Union Square, Somerville.

Play Synopsis:

Scene 1: Auntie Em learns that she has a new job - in Somerville! The family makes plans to leave Kansas and move to the big city.

SONG: "Somerville, Over the Rainbow"

Scene 2: At Somerville's City Hall, Mayor Glenda has news for the city's residents - Mr. Krabb's is going to open a new restaurant, the Krusty Krabbs Kooky Kids Snack Shack. Not everyone likes the new idea!

Scene 3: The storm that brought Auntie Em and her family to Somerville, has disrupted the animals and plants who live in a local city garden. But, who is that trying to dig up the garden!? Mr Krabbs!? This is definitely news for the Buzz.

Scene 4: The bugs, animals and plants are angry that their garden is being dug up to make way for a new Kid's Snack Shack. It's not even natural! But suddenly, everything begins to change when Dorothy and Toto are pulled into the natural world - and they end up only one inch tall!

Scene 5: The angry animals, plants and bugs confront Dorothy and Toto. They convince the kids, who are the only ones who believe in their world, to fight Mr. Krabb's evil plan.

SONG: "What Makes a City Grow?"

Scene 6: Back at home, all the human versions of the plants, animals and bugs crowd into Auntie Em's house to tell each other about the plants, animals and bugs from the natural world that are trying to tell them something important.

Scene 7: Mr. Krabbs admits to everyone that his food scheme is unhealthy and totally unnatural. Dorothy comes up with a brilliant idea - use the garden to grow healthy food for his new restaurant.

SONG: "I Love Cities"

Song Lyrics:

(Music H. Arlen / Lyrics H. McCormack)

BOYS: Somerville, Over the Rainbow - way out there.
It's a city that I've heard of - no reason to be scared!

GIRLS: Somerville, Over the Rainbow - life's still bright.
Streetlights beam and the skyline's such an amazing sight.

DOROTHY & TOTO: Some day I'll wish upon a star and wake up back on our Kansas farm - you hear me?
'Cause the city sounds like a bunch of blocks of buildings stacked like chicken pox.
Can't we disappear, please?

ALL: Somerville, Over the Rainbow - it's all so new!
I guess if we're going together, there's nothing we can't do!

(Music Fink & Marxer / Lyrics H. McCormack

What makes a city grow, from up high to down below,
Are the cars and trucks, and the fish and ducks
And the worms beneath your toes.

What makes a city grow, in the rain and wind and snow,
Are the cars and trucks, and the fish and ducks
And the worms beneath your toes.

Apartments, parks and houses - markets, stores and mouses
Beeps and horns and shouting, saying, "Hey, Hola, Yo!"

We make our city grow - together we're here to show
That life's more fun when we work as one
And now we, now we know!

(Music The Strangeloves / Lyrics H. McCormack)

I know a place that tough but sweet - so many friends for me to meet.
It's got everything that I desire: gardens, schools and bicycle tires.
I know a place that's big and fun - with pools and parks in the summer sun.
Filled with people all around: this ain't just your average town.
I live in a place called Somerville - with the Mystic River and 10 big hills.
I'm proud of my city, yes, indeed: Somerville is all I need!

Wild Tales is funded by a grant from the Somerville Arts Council